The company was founded by the Zderadiček and Starosta families after the political changes in the former Czechoslovakia at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The O.K. T R A N S, spol. s r.o. company was registered in the Commercial Register on 21 June 1990.

Renaming of the existing company to O.K. Trans Praha spol. s r.o. happened on 26 January 1998.

O.K. Trans Praha is located in Chýně, in the Prague-West district, in the Central Bohemia Region, just one kilometre from the border of the capital city of Prague or four kilometres from the nearest metro station in Zličín.
Statutory body of O.K. Trans Praha are the Managing Directors:

Josef Zderadička, 37,2 share in the company
Zdeněk Zderadička, 37,2 share in the company
Vladimír Starosta, 25,6 share in the company

Billing data:

O.K. Trans Praha spol. s r.o.
Hlavní 182, 253 03 Chýně
ID number: 00473251; Tax ID: CZ00473251

Bank account details:

CZK 1388008432/2700
IBAN: CZ4127000000001388008432

EUR 1388008440/2700
IBAN: CZ1927000000001388008440
Tons transported per day
We use outstanding brands
Trucks used for the O.K. brand Trans Praha
years on the market

From the beginning of our business until today, we have tried to repay our customers' trust by ensuring that not only the contract, but also our word and handshake are valid. By continuously improving the quality of the agreed services, we would like to assure our customers of their right decision to be with us. We like the motto: "If our customers do well, we can do well too." And it is the same the other way around: Just as we would like to have a thriving business, it is clear that our customer must have a thriving business as well. We strive to fulfil both and contribute to it through innovation and regular meetings with our customers. We want to be economically strong and trustworthy so that we can grow with our customers and they can rely on our services even in tougher economic times.

Executive Directors

Our success is linked to yours, so we always strive to work for your success.

General Manager

Zdeněk Zderadička