The companies of O.K. Trans Holding

use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP system.

Motto: “For IT, our co-workers are first and foremost the customers. If we are able to listen to them properly and reshape their requirements into IT systems, we will help to make our entire company more efficient and competitive.”

The companies of O.K. Trans Holding use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as their ERP system. With ERP we address the following areas: Transport and distribution, Vehicle service and spare parts sales, and Finance..

We handle payroll and HR using HorryWin.

For satellite tracking and fleet evaluation, O.K. Trans Praha uses Webdispatching system.

Webdispatching is also connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. So we have an overview of where the vehicle is, when it is loading and unloading at the designated distribution points. Drivers confirm arrivals and departures from loading and unloading sites on a tablet and communicate with the dispatching centre. Each individual shipment can be monitored and evaluated in detail. Along with each tracking item, the tachometer status and fuel consumption are transmitted at the same time.

As a WMS for warehouse management, O.K. Trans Logistics uses HorryWin and TermOS systems for bar code terminals. In logistics, traceability tools can be used to trace specific goods from their receipt at the warehouse to their delivery to the end customer.

IT systémy
Webdispečink O.K. Trans

The information system of O.K. Trans Praha enables data connection to the customer’s ERP system, for example transport orders or complete connection in the area of warehouse management. In the area of transport, the information system allows to monitor the movement of the customer’s goods and inform about any deviation from the predetermined transport route, to monitor the time of arrival at the loading and the time of arrival at the unloading.

We follow the latest trends in information technology and incorporate them into our own environment. For example, we use both private and public clouds, whether for database systems or corporate emails.

O.K. Trans Logistics offers its customers on-line monitoring of logistics-related operations via the LOGISTIKA on-line application, which is accessible via commonly used web browsers.

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General Manager

Zdeněk Zderadička