• We financially support non-profit organisations and funds.

Fund for Children in Need

We regularly support this Fund with financial donations to help socially vulnerable children.
The Fund for Children in Need is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation for providing assistance to children in need with a mandate to carry out social and legal protection of children.

Sun for All Endowment Fund

We provided a financial contribution to the “Social Car” project using Renault Kangoo.
The Sun - care for disabled people from birth to old age. It provides a wide range of educational (Private Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School of the Sun) and social services for children and adults (Service Centre of the Sun for All).
Obec Chýně

Municipality of Chýně

We support social life and help in arranging various events of the municipality of Chýně.

Chýně is a village in the Prague-West district. It is located 14 km west from the Prague centre and 4 km from its border near the town of Zličín, between Hostivice and Rudná.
Truck Help

Truck Help Foundation

We help the children and families left behind by victims of traffic accidents caused by professional truck drivers.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide direct or financial assistance to the children left behind by victims of traffic accidents caused by professional truck drivers, cooperation with partner organisations, prevention of traffic accidents and promotion of the road transport section.

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