We are involved in helping Ukraine

Our company provided 7 vehicles for the transport of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We cooperated with COL. Mgr. Michal Žůrek, Head of the NOPIS Department of the Ministry of the Interior – General Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Colonel Žůrek also coordinated everything with the National Assistance Center for Assistance to Ukraine.

“In a major disaster or emergency, everyone pulls together. We are able to help ourselves, but also others…

This was also confirmed in the first days of the invasion. Everyone helps as much as we can and our society was no exception. We are happy to take part in this event without any claim to a fee and we are ready to help again if necessary, “says Jiří Šiška, transport manager in Chýňe.

The loading took place in the SSHR Opavan (warehouse of state material reserves), near Opava. Everything was then unloaded in the Polish village of Niemce, not far from the city of Lublin.